Should travel Thailand the most beautiful season of the year?

Thai tourism is the most attractive market in Southeast Asia and when going to Thailand, not everyone knows the regulations when coming to the golden pagoda country. Thailand is also a country with a high average annual temperature. Choosing a reasonable time to travel to Thailand will give you a perfect trip that will experience much more interesting things.

If you want to save the maximum cost for the trip and enjoy an authentic Thai tour , then come to the land of the golden pagoda year-round to discover the diversity of scenery, unique culture and the way of life. good of people. But summer is still the best time for visitors to visit the land of smile completely.

Thailand travel season, which month is the most beautiful?

Thailand  - Thailand tourism , official name: Kingdom of Thailand, is a country located in Southeast Asia. North borders Laos and Myanmar. East: border with Laos and Cambodia. The south borders the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, the west borders Myanmar and the Andaman Sea.

Thailand is a country with a high average annual temperature. Choosing a reasonable time to travel to Thailand will give you a perfect trip and experience more interesting things. Let's tour Thailand  of Vietnam Travel company   reference time to have a meaningful and interesting tour.

Thailand travel time appropriate?

Thailand , Thailand country tours attract tourists all over the world not only because of hospitality, friendly smiles but also many beautiful natural landscapes.

Tourists travel to Thailand  almost can find everything you need here, jungle colors blue, untouched, sea crystal blue makes you think I'm warm baths instead of going swimming Sea, and food with flavors make your taste buds crave. Strange, but still safe, cheap, but still equipped with the modern equipment you need. There's always something exciting waiting for you, no matter what you like and pocket money, from bugalow at the beach with bush travelers to the most luxurious hotels in the world.

So, if you are a person who wants to learn about a specific culture, or want to enjoy each of the traditional culinary heritage, or explore the historic temple temples of a large scale, etc. Every time of the year is a good time for you to visit  Thailand .

Which is the most suitable travel for Thai tourism?

Every year the Golden Temple country welcomes about 14 million tourists from all over the world. Thailand tourist season usually starts from mid October to April next year. The weather in Thailand can be divided into two seasons, the rainy and hot seasons starting from May to October, and the dry and cool seasons start from November to the end of April. You should choose to come to Thailand when the weather is cool. batch because it was a convenient time to travel, visit the beautiful outdoor scenes. If you come to Thailand in the period from October to April, you will have the opportunity to attend two major festivals in the Golden Temple country, which is the Loy Krathong Festival of Light, which is also considered the Thai Valentine's Day. held in the full-moon month of December 12, Songkran traditional lunar calendar and Tet took place in mid-April.

The ideal time to travel to Thailand is from November to February because during these months there is almost no rain and the weather is not too hot. This is also a good time for many special festival activities. If you like to learn and attend the festival in Thailand, go to Thailand in April to enjoy yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Songkran water festival, the biggest festival of the year on 13-15. / 4 to welcome the new year.

Travel to explore Thailand, visitors can not ignore the bustling city, Bangkok bustling shopping center such as Pratunam shopping paradise, Platinum Fashion Mall, Pantip Plaza - "the prince" of electric centers machine, ... Can not help but visit the beautiful island of Phuket with white sandy beach, green pine forest. Pattaya city with recreational activities such as boating, diving, watching Thai box; And there are still a lot of Thai tourist destinations that visitors can't help but discover and miss. Travel points in the year, you should consider carefully before going. Bangkok has peak seasons from the end of December to the end of February. And on the days of festivals, weekends, airfare to Bangkok, hotel room prices also increased significantly. Usually 2-3 times higher than normal days

Therefore, to save costs, you should consider traveling in these seasons. But instead, traveling in the peak season, you will have the opportunity to visit some places for free or participate in exciting group activities at nearby attractions. If you want to go to the northern mountainous provinces, the time of  traveling Thailand  you can go is in March - May, or June - July, this season the mountain temperature is quite mild and pleasant. As for central and northeastern Thailand, this time will not be suitable for your trip because the weather will be very hot up to 40oC.

In general, the ideal time to travel in Thailand is based on events and festivals that stand out every month. So, according to  the Thai tour  , it is helpful to prepare a specific schedule, which will help you a lot in moving enough places, enjoying all the unique features of the country.

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