Much more than sun and bath: Here are 9 hidden attractions in Cyprus

Cyprus, with its pleasant Mediterranean climate, fantastic beaches and over 300 days of sunshine a year, is one of the most beloved destinations for sun-drenched Swedes. But a trip to Cyprus does not necessarily have to be likened to crowded beaches and all-inclusive hotels. This Mediterranean pearl hides in a sea of ​​fantastic sights, some more hidden than others, just waiting to be discovered.

Beijing Tourism Guide for travelers

The most important thing to watch in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven, China's existing Temple of Heaven has two places, one is the Temple of Heaven in Xi'an, and the other is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which is more famous in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. 

A trip to Pattaya, rich and beautiful because of this park

In addition to soaking the beach, visiting the night market, worshipping temples, and enjoying the hotel, Pattaya also found a new punching landmark "Thailand Siam Legend Theme Park" a few days ago. This place is very good value, more than 90 tickets, can watch performances, but also play game facilities, but also have a lot of Thai food or something... 

Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus : Poland

The statue of Nicolaus Copernicus standing in the south-eastern corner of the Old Town market is one of the most important symbols of Toruń.
Cast in the studio of the renowned Berlin sculptor Fryderyk Tiecka, it was placed in its current location in 1853.

Flemish architecture represent in Poland : Old Town hall

Toruń City Hall is one of the largest brick buildings of this type in Europe and the most important monument of the Old Town of Toruń.
For centuries it was the administrative and commercial center of the city, in its vicinity fairs, tributes to rulers, knights' tournaments and even public execution of convicts took place.

Rent holiday home in Bulgaria

When Bulgaria is mentioned as a holiday country, many think first and foremost of Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, a place where young people go down and enjoy themselves in the summer. But Bulgaria has much more to offer, in fact the country is a favorite holiday destination for many families with children. The country is rich in traditions, culture and history. There is a lot, almost unspoiled, nature that opens up several different activities and beautiful experiences.

Travel to Aruba in Denmark

When traveling to Aruba, you live directly on the beach in glorious sunshine and with All Inclusive.
Aruba still belongs to the Netherlands, but the chalk-white beaches, the turquoise-blue water and the relaxed atmosphere seem far more exotic than European.