10 unique national parks in the world. All in China

Do you want to go to the national park? Looking at the virgin forest? Animal migration? I feel that I should go abroad to see it? NO! You don't have to go abroad, you can also see the beautiful national park! And it is China's private possession! The only national park in the world.

Go to Iwate, Japan- you can do multiple visas, and there is always a place where you can walk into your heart.

Legend has it that in ancient Iwate Prefecture, there lived a group of evil spirits that were dedicated to evil and were not guilty. The evil spirits, known as Raksha, constantly harassed the residents and destroyed the peaceful life of the residents. The residents had no choice but to be disturbed. Help the gods. Hearing the gods of the prayers of the inhabitants, after some fighting, finally the evil spirits were retreated, and the evil spirits surrendered by the gods, in order to survive, swore to the gods that they would not re-enter the land of Iwate Prefecture, and Leave a fingerprint on the rock as proof. After the spread of later generations, the land was called Iwate Prefecture.

Parent-child tourist destination - Mauritius

Mauritius is not only a honeymoon sacred place celebrated by newlyweds, but also a great place for family fun. Unlike other islands, Mauritius has a variety of landscapes and a rich variety of ecosystems. It is a charming country full of African customs. At the same time, the diversity of Mauritian culture is a melting pot of culture. African Creoles, French-Mortucans, Indo-Pakistans and Chinese have jointly built this multifaceted island nation. Traveling here, not only can children increase their knowledge and experience different cultures, but adults can also leave a very memorable memory.

Corfu Island in Greece - The observatory of Emperor William II at Pelekas

At a height of 270 meters above sea level, at the top of Pelekas village, west of Corfu, lies the majestic and imposing Kaiser stone throne, also known as the Kaiser Observatory.

At a height of 270 meters above sea level, at the top of Pelekas village, west of Corfu, lies the majestic and imposing Kaiser stone throne, also known as the Kaiser Observatory.

The top 20 sights in Germany

Cologne cathedral - http://circuitdestination.blogspot.com
On every holiday trip the special highlights are the various sights. Every country and every culture has its own special attractions. The most valuable goods are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and there are even some in Germany.

Due to the historical past, Germany has many important sights in store. Berlin alone offers tourists from all over the world so many attractions that it is impossible to visit them all in one or two days.

Much more than sun and bath: Here are 9 hidden attractions in Cyprus

Cyprus, with its pleasant Mediterranean climate, fantastic beaches and over 300 days of sunshine a year, is one of the most beloved destinations for sun-drenched Swedes. But a trip to Cyprus does not necessarily have to be likened to crowded beaches and all-inclusive hotels. This Mediterranean pearl hides in a sea of ​​fantastic sights, some more hidden than others, just waiting to be discovered.

Beijing Tourism Guide for travelers

The most important thing to watch in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven, China's existing Temple of Heaven has two places, one is the Temple of Heaven in Xi'an, and the other is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which is more famous in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.